Tour De Hood is an non- profit 501 (c) 3 organization that is geared toward getting people the practical information they need to be healthy mentally and physically.
It started in about 2003 with Dr. Veon McReynolds, riding with friends and family around the neighborhood. He wanted to promote that living healthy does not mean
you have to be in the gym six times week, but that a nice bike ride every week can encourage healthy living choices. It has evolved to a tradition where people of all
fitness levels, ages, and family sizes come together to ride around Houston to view the history and beauty that most of us don't notice. The most important thing is
that when you come, you do not have to bring anything, all you have to do is show up. Tour de Hood supplies bikes, helmets, water, and fruit. We try to make it so
people don't have an excuse not to come and participate. Also, if you have your own bike and wish to ride it, that's great. If your bicycle is broken you can contact us
and we can help you fix it. We have a bunch of parts and tools. Generally Fridays are fix it days

We introduce safe riding to some riders that do not know the procedures of safe riding. It is important to follow the rules that Dr. V sets. Most people know how to
ride a bike, but not many know about the laws and safety measures to ensure a safe ride. Whenever a rider is riding he or she MUST be wearing a helmet. During
the ride, we ride at a pace that is suitable for all riders. It is not a race, we want to ride so that you can take in the scenery and learn about the city. At the halfway
point, we take a break where we refuel with water and fruit. It is important to know what you put in your body and it effect. You are what you eat. For this reason, we
do not eat junk food because it has a negative effect on your body.

Tour De Hood has been going on for many years, but every week the ride is different. We take you to places that most people who have lived in Houston all their
lives have never seen. Depending on your skill level Tour De Hood can set up a ride that suits your needs and puts you on the road to tip top shape.

Don't like bike riding? Kayaking is an excellent alternative to bike riding. It works you upper body, all the while it is relaxing. Just like bike riding you do not need to
bring anything aside from yourself. Dr. V supplies all the kayaks, boats, life jackets, and paddles. Most kayaking trips start from 2305 Wheeler Street  where you
would get all the supplies needed and from there go to Buffalo Bayou. Here one can learn an unknown history of Houston and see a large city's innermost beauty.

Tour De Hood also does group camping trips. You guessed it, we supply everything but your clothes. The camping ranges from one night to three night camping
trips to different places in Texas.

One thing that makes us special is that we only run on donation. When we don't have any donations we still pull money out of pocket in order to keep the rides
going. We don't charge for the bike rides, kayaking, camping trip, use of equipment, or refreshments. Because Dr. V is so passionate about Tour De Hood, he feels
it is necessary to continue with it even with no outside funding. We need a lot but, we have learned to make a little go a long way.